Ivor Myers

Local Events  |  Nov 13 2012 - Nov 17 2012

Location: Hilo SDA Church

"1n 1995 Ivor Myers was part of a four man Hip Hop Group signed to EMI Records. In that same year Ivor had an encounter with the Word of God. He walked away from the industry and is now serving the Lord Jesus Christ. He is currently pastoring the Templeton Hills Seventh-day Adventist church in Templeton California, where he, his wife and four children also live.

As Speaker/Director of Power of the Lamb Ministries, Ivor and his wife Atonte have dedicated themselves to the spreading of the three angel’s messages. Power of the Lamb Ministries seeks to uplift Christ as the only hope of salvation, and to connect people with the power of the Lamb to become new creatures in Christ. Ivor and Atonte co-host the 3ABN program Battles of Faith. As a result of their ministry, several other ministries are having a profound effect on many people."


Check it out!: http://www.powerofthelamb.com/